Been Practicing (Video Clip)

These are clips of the song Drummer which I wrote while I was in Milwaukee. I’ve been holding rehearsals with myself, and I had fun with this song because I added in some extemporaneous bits. Still catching up a bit after vacation, but almost caught up. Almost.

Taking Some Time

I’ll be taking some personal time

Some days off

Some days away

Relaxing and recuperating

Exploring and adventuring

At least a week and maybe two

So the poems may get written

In a notebook or my phone

For sharing at a later date

Thank you for reading

For being here

I look forward to catching up

When I return

person lying on hammock between trees at daytime
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Writing About it Somewhere

Hey everyone,

Life has been throwing challenges my way, and I’m rising to meet them.

I’ll be offline for a few days as my personal battle rages, and I will be writing about it somewhere.

Not here.

But somewhere.

I’m okay, and I will be okay, but this is a doozy.

Be safe, and take care of yourselves.

~ Wendy