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Update: Falling into Autumn

Last weekend, I had the privilege of working with a sound crew for the Southern Indiana Blues Festival in Bean Blossom, Indiana. Held at the Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground, there were two stages surrounded by beautiful wooded areas with a small lake nestled in the holler between the hills.

I camped for the first time ever – luckily there were vendors there with fair food, but I was able to make a good strong pot of coffee every morning. I got to meet musicians from all over, and I learned a lot about sound. And physics. And metaphysics, because at the junction of audio frequencies, spirit, and music there is a space, an elevation, a connection that brings people to their feet, dancing and moving in time together. What is this?

Also, some other things have clarified for me, such as where will I be living, which is a tough question to have hanging about in the air. I am staying put for now, and with that decision came a small list of home improvement projects, because where and how you live, at least in part, reflects who you are and who you want to become. I added some solar lights, and some blinds because there’s a time to see and a time to refrain from seeing.

Or something.

I have some upcoming decisions to make as well which are of no small significance, some writing to do – pulled out a big project and dusted it off – some practice to make music better and keep improving, and the regular food prep, cash hustle, and where did I put the joy activities.

And naps. Lots of naps to help process the changes within and without.

Art has taken a bit of a breather, but there are pieces available in the Magic Art Shop – see link in header/menu, and prints of some of the artwork available on RedBubble – see the link in the sidebar/bottom of screen.

Hope everyone is doing well as we fall out of summer into autumn. May we land gently on piles of leaves with no hidden branches or garden implements. Apple cider and pumpkin lattes will battle it out every crisp day, whether it be the bright sunny days chilled or the damp, grey-skied rain soaked days biting, they will contend and vie for your taste buds until winter descends and hot cocoa triumphs.

A toast to the quest of the falling leaves and baring branches.

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On Remote Location. Back Soon

I’ve been caretaking a property, so apologies for the lack of regular posts.

Am rethinking how I use this space as well…might make it more of a weekly endeavor rather than shooting for daily.

I played open mics 5/7 days – hit all of the ones in town, so that was fun.

I’ve been out in the wilderness surrounded by plants, pets, and wildlife. It’s been rejuvenating as well as work. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Freshly Brewed and an Update

Freshly brewed is now available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook, and paperback.

Free Kindle give-away is from June 14th to June 18th.

I received 10 paperback copies on Sunday. I just stared at them, flipped through one, snapped a photo, and got on with my day.

Such a feat to finish, with times where the manuscript sat there without a thought, then once I had decided to go ahead and publish through Amazon, which I agonized over – weighing options and considering myself, the book, the company, and looking at choices other self-published authors had made.

It feels good to have it out here. Reader feedback has been extremely positive, and I’m excited to share it with a small part of the world.

I’ve had some thing happening – a case of Covid, which hit me pretty hard even though I’d been vaccinated and boosted (3 doses). After that, my ear was clogged up like constant water jostling in my ear every time I moved my head, and it was hard to write, difficult to concentrate, and a challenge to accomplish any work at all. I made an appointment with an ENT and, of course, the symptoms began to clear, but I kept the appointment just in case there was a greater issue and to confirm there was no issue. I had that appointment today.

In addition to all of that, my car has been almost cutting out while I’m driving, and I took it into the shop before I took a trip to visit family. It died once on the way there, but started right back up. Now, I have another appointment to have it looked at yet again, and I believe I asked them to ‘actually look at the problem this time, because anyone who drives it will know there is a problem with the car.’ That’s what you get when you return my afternoon phone call at 8am the next morning before I’ve had coffee, I guess.

In the original appointment they said the diagnostics said there wasn’t a problem with the system, and to bring it back if the warning lights came back on. The warning lights were still on when I picked it up at the end of the day, and they’ve advised me of $1800 worth of work that they say needs immediate attention, which I am taking with a grain of salt until the do right by the original complaint.

I need to find a job since I quit my part time job due to reasons I won’t get into here, but that situation cost me $3000 to fix, and I couldn’t go to claims court for reasons I also won’t get into. This situation has made my financial situation precarious, and I’ve waited to find work until my car gets fixed so that I have reliable transportation.

My hope is to be able to keep writing, and making art, and writing songs, and playing music, but it looks like I will be looking for full time work with benefits, and possible relocation, which is all pretty big change in direction. I am grateful for every moment I have been able to work towards dreams, and it’s difficult to change gears, but I believe my ability to adapt and make a way for myself in this world.

Thank you all for your support through this past year.

May your coffee always be hot unless you like it cold.

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Taking Some Time

I’ll be taking some personal time

Some days off

Some days away

Relaxing and recuperating

Exploring and adventuring

At least a week and maybe two

So the poems may get written

In a notebook or my phone

For sharing at a later date

Thank you for reading

For being here

I look forward to catching up

When I return

person lying on hammock between trees at daytime
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Writing About it Somewhere

Hey everyone,

Life has been throwing challenges my way, and I’m rising to meet them.

I’ll be offline for a few days as my personal battle rages, and I will be writing about it somewhere.

Not here.

But somewhere.

I’m okay, and I will be okay, but this is a doozy.

Be safe, and take care of yourselves.

~ Wendy