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Updated version of Cosmic Beat

Trauma Recovery: Something to Lose Wendy Says Things

Today on Wendy Says Things, I talk about the different ways having a traumatic background can effect a survivor when things begin to go well – good job, active and robust support network, healthy intimate relationships. As someone who used to gain a lot of courage from the idea that "All was lost," and there was no reason not to do the things that I wanted to do, feeling that there are now very important things to lose – relationships, possessions, status or whatever, I have had to navigate differently to preserve being an honest, authentic person with caring for and cultivating a networked and connected life.  So, there can be threats from within like a tendency to self-sabotage, and threats from without like past actions catching up or being called out which can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety when they occur, but there are definite steps that can be taken to manage internal reactions and build skills around these obstacles. If happiness is foreign terrain, I have a map, and I'm sharing it here. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
  1. Trauma Recovery: Something to Lose
  2. proof of suffering
  3. Outgrowing Ourselves
  4. Delayed
  5. Trauma Recovery: Hate, Anger, and Self Loathing or Love and Compassion
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Podcast Spotlight: Creative Surrender

I did this podcast when I had Covid, but before I knew I had Covid.

Glad that I gave myself permission for down time, because apparently I was sick (the Podcast after this one is called Sick like Sick)

Sometimes a break rom the work is needed to re-center and find fresh footing.

Wendy Says Things can be found on most Podcast streaming apps and pages
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New Episodes

Appreciate the recent follows, thank you!!

If you’re new to this blog-space, here’s the link to my Podcast.

Latest episode is on Energy work, and is here.

I’m starting some episodes about energy work and healing, and I have a video up about that on my YouTube Channel, as well. Oh, but here it is here:

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New Episode of Wendy Says Things is Out Now

I’m talking about creativity, vulnerability, and living a fully realized creative life on this episode of Wendy Says Things!

Give it a listen, hit that like button, and share far and wide.

Thank you so much for supporting me, and for being patient while I’ve been settling into a new life after moving!

Listen Here!

I had this framed, and gave it to my college roommate, who I’m staying with for a while, and it’s hanging on a wall in her kitchen! (At least until I move into my new place :P)
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New Podcast Episode!

Greetings! Welcome to April.

I have been spring cleaning, and have been finishing up some projects which I know you are going to really enjoy!

The latest episode of Wendy Says Things is out now!

Don’t miss it!

Wendy Says Things Episode 2 Talking with Tonya Part 3 is available to listen here.

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Wendy Says Things Episode 2 Part 2.5 is Out Now

On Wendy Says Things, we have been talking with Tonya, a health and wellness practitioner, and long time activist. There’s still time to catch up on the podcasts before part 3 of Episode 2 comes out. There are plenty of resources, articles, and links in the show notes.

If you’re here for the poetry, more will be coming soon!

There are no coincidences, they are spiritually aligned events falling into the pattern as they were meant to.” ~ Tonya Floyd

And so, what we do is we minimize things that happened in the past that were traumatic. We use nostalgia to distance ourselves from the things in the past that we could bring forward that are positive when we should be doing the opposite. You know, with our traumas we could bring them forward to heal. With the things that are nourishing, we can bring them forward to nourish us.” ~ Wendy Kheiry