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From the Ocean to the Light

Too young
They tore away the veil
All illusions falling into disrepair
Overwhelmed, unguided
Did you flounder on the sand
Tossed from the comfort of the ocean
There receding

The sun it rose and set
The moon appeared and vanished
The stars shone bright and were occluded
By the gathering clouds at night

The wind it howled and rent
The last vestiges of innocence
Staggering there upon the land
You fought for sustenance

You made a friend betrayal
You found a love unloyal
You built a thorny hedge around
That heart

Attacked from every side
Fighting to stay alive
A fortress you did make
To keep you safe
To keep you safe

We met there in the forest
On the twisting winding paths
Our hedges quite entangled
Finding love at last

Carefully we dismantle
Every stone and every branch
We lay aside our weapons
Free our hearts here from the past
Now we plant a garden
Now we make a plan
Now we build a life together

It’s beautiful you see
The seeds of hope we always
Carried from the ocean to the light
Are planted in the earth now
To grow flowers of delight    

~ From the Ocean to the Light, Wendy Kheiry

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  1. Ok, in my less than humble opinion, I really like this one again! Nice..:

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