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The Hand Which Slew Me (Pre-Release)

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The Hand Which Slew Me

I took the hand
which slew me
To the garden
I won’t go back

We grew there
In the courtyard
Rings of stone and
Fountain black

Watered from the orchard
Drowning floods and
Quaking earth
Bursting from the seams
Between flagstones and the truth –

Ghostly hauntings from the past
Rise up flagrantly belied

We shout in riotous colors
Unheard by passersby

Fragrantly denied
We faded
From the landscape and
The lack –

You can hear us
At the corners
Of the wind and
Of the sea

The hand of
The exhumed
Waving where
The garden
Used to be

Wendy Kheiry

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