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Breaking Oh, Enneadic Wings

Are you listening when the sky sings
In shades of blue and grey and white
The harmonies of colors and the breath
Held in the night
The stars all took to wing and flew
They winked out from the light
You may listen to the whispers
You might hear the latest news
But did you ever wonder if the news were true
The thrumming there just out of sight
The rising seas and coming drought
And we quibble over nonsense
While companies and governments and millionaires
Bleed the common people out
With politics divided by the bad guys left and right
There is no recourse left to barter for justice in the land
They pass the buck and pass the bucks above and under ground
With a quiet word and quiet works
They keep the people down
And you think that you are fighting for something good and something true
And you think that just around the corner someone else might fight for you
And they keep raking in the profit while they’re laughing at your prophets
And the way you sell your soul and contemplate the blues
Walking a barren path among the clues
Where is hope you ask me and I look to burnished skies
The orcas and the dingoes are itching for our hides
Here comes the sun, we better run
Across the floods from hurricanes
The mother has been patient has come to the last straw
Found the needle in the haystack
Pulled back the chic disguise
Langya’s made the leap across the species line
We’re almost out of time
Don’t look to me for hope
I have a basket full of nope
I sit here basking in the moment
No enemies in sight
As twilight batters down the planet
I revel in the night
Batten down and hunker
In a cold and aging bunker
With some blankets and some coffee
Watch the ending near
I have no fear
I listen to the sky sing
I hear the birds awing
Looking at the forest beautiful and clean
The gods and goddesses assemble
With their fingers about to land upon the button
On the table labeled ‘Reset’
Freya’s hair is tangled in Russia and Ukraine
And Odin’s there in China teasing out that thing
Thor is racing through the starless void
Upon his asteroid steed
There is no need for panicking and hunger
In just a moment there will be not much more left to wonder
Brigid rises from the ashes in the house once gleaming white
And I tell you that the whispers are not heeded
As they fly upon the webs encoded by the slights of hands
The rumbled tumbled jumbled words and phrases
Hearken to an age
When foxes leapt upon the tables in random strings belaid
I tell you the corruption leaking from the inside out
Is corroding all the batteries and redrawn all the lines
In my cup I shake the die about to roll
You ask me for my hope and I knock over my swollen basket
Every nope within clatters across the checkered tiles
You’ll have to find your own
I’m fresh out until next week
When I can run into the woods and gather
What I seek

It’s almost not too late

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