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I, Caress

I, Caress

Tickling the leaves on the trees

How they dance with delight

I lift a strand of your hair

But do you hear my giggle

A touch on a bare arm

I lift the autumn colors

Swirling and skipping along

The concrete, the grass, the asphalt

In another moment I stream

Warm and soft light from the source

I part clouds gently and touch the earth

Illuminating the flowers, a branch, a patch

The top of your head and the tip of your nose

But do you feel the hum of the universal

A deep breath and I dive and expand

A splash of a gull and the lap of a wave  on bare feet

I rush the shore again and again pushing pebbles

Mixing sand into my rhythm

It is elemental

This transformation

A remembrance of otherness

Free spirit takes any shape or form and connects

I, Caress

Life itself with a tender touch

My friend, I will never leave you without this I spark in the pit flames leaping radiant to the sky

One with the stars

Do you see me there in the fire while you burn inside

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