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Phoenix Dust (2009)

Play in the sunshine, laugh in the car

Sing in the shower, dance on the bar

Fly on the plane, but you’ll never get far.

Light a candle, and put forth your thoughts;

Bend them in circles and throw them like darts.

I flew to close to the sun and got burned,

I laid my heart bare, but alas, it got spurned.

I opened it up and let it bleed out,

Opened it up; insecure, full of doubt.

I lay in the ashes, the coals and the dust,

Bruised, battered, and beaten,

Crumbled in pieces like iron into rust.

Arise from the ashes sweet phoenix inside,

Let go of the pieces alive in my pride,

Sing the eulogy, weep, as I died.

A feather, a wing, a talon take flight,

And soar through the moon in the bitterest night.

It beats and it thrums here inside of my breast,

The beat of the drum right here in my chest,

I’m alive and I’m flying,

My heart ever dying,

Someday, forever will rest.

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  1. Good one, Wendy!

    1. Thank you, Rick!

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