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Life Demands

There’s always the pull away

The take away

The outtakes

There’s a breathless wonder

An intake

The exhale

There’s street signs

Or a map

Or you wander lost


Among the details

Life demands

This yearly accounting

Life demands

A participation

Life demands

A change of direction

The sudden absence of love

The laughter extinguished

A heart pain

Life demands

The inexplicable return

A chuckle turns into a guffaw

The sun breaks free from the clouds

The unexpected flash of joyous bouyancy

Harken then

To the demands

Line them up and cross them off

The pain and joy ebb and flow

Waxing and waning

Sit with the pain

Embrace the joy

Life demands life

Life demands living

Rebel against the inexcusable

Rebel against the squandering

The clock ticks


All you have is now

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