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Top 10 Posts 2022

I definitely did not post regularly towards the end of the year here.

Writing happened – I opened and closed my Patreon account. Been shuffling my deck of cards life has dealt me and trying to get some workable structure to my daily routine. Some of it comes down to having a lot of simultaneous paths I pursue – music, poetry, stories, art plus when do I eat, sleep, shower, exercise?

On top of that, there’s the hustle to earn money. I sidelined the podcast towards the latter part of the year as well. I put in over 500 hours of words out there, and have earned just over $2 from them.

Evaluating when to quit and when to grit – as the saying goes – means choosing between activities and pursuits while paying the bills. I’m sliding into the new year with some good news – one of my art pieces will be in a gallery exhibit here in Bloomington, IN in January. I have a music gig scheduled for February, and an upcoming album release that I’m super excited to share with you soon!

I’ve started a monthly poetry discussion and word play group at the local library, and that’s been a lot of fun. I take my guitar for it. Just begun, and the next three scheduled!

Here are the top Poetry blog posts for the year starting with the least of them and working the way up to the most popular:

I See You, Magnificent

Black and Grey

My Bones Fell Out

White Privilege is White Expectation

You Never Wandered So Far

Freshly Brewed Excerpt (Poem)

By Moonlight

Wild Roses

Freshly Brewed (Poetry Book Excerpt)

Weapons of Soil

Thank you everyone who has stopped by here, the words of encouragement, the shares.

I appreciate you. Thank you.

May 2023 bring you more of everything good, and a reduction of the toils and pains that come with being alive.

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