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I crawl deep into the earth

Through the cracks and following the stone

The rock

The immensity of solid

Down and deeper

Until the chill eases and the warmth rises

In darkness disoriented

The only sound is the echo of myself




Who are you

What are you

Where are you going

What will you do



I am a star shining in the void

Within me I am within the world

Isolated I connect with the all-that-is

Even you there

Drifting across the stone

The cathedral ceiling

You are a meteor passing through the cave

A flash of brilliance here and gone again

You were always there

You were never there

Time ceases infinite

The light will grow and I will make my way back

From the revelations of this sleep

The long lingering nap of devotion

I am a tree

I am a bear

I am the snow laying bleak across the landscape

Tossed by the winds

Blown by fate

I take up my place in the void

Singing the hymns of creation

Singing the plants back to life

Singing the trees to unfold

Spring wells from within the cavern of my heart

Radiating with the warmth of the earth

Near the center of life

Take up the drum

Take up the bow

There are battles and prey

We are hungry for new life

Better ways



The dawn will light the horizon

And we will sleep no more

a kermode bear resting on grass
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