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New Song Lyrics: We Return to the Sea

(Verse 1)

I gave all my words to you

The wind took them

Blew them through the leaves

The rain made them fall

Puddles became streams leading

To the ocean

We all return to the sea

(Verse 2)

I gave all my words to you

Letter by letter

Page by page

And stood quiet before the trees

As they sang them back to me

Next to the stream they babbled

I followed them to the ocean


To drown there

In the love of ages

Wave after wave

We return to the sea

Wave after wave

We all return to the sea

(Verse 3)

Coming back to life

With love’s return

The clouds carrying us

To dream of blue skies

Rustling branches

In a free fall with each droplet

We follow them to the ocean

beach during sunset
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