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How many hours spent

Polishing personas

Painting over scars and cracks

Hiding every ding and scratch

Perfecting every step and sigh

Practicing our alibis

Hiding deeper down within

Ourselves be unseen

Squelching every tender scream

Masquerading as someone who

Is balanced, calm, and true

How many lies are stacked upon

The book of truths

I see you there upon the stage

Dancing freely hiding rage

Trying trying once again

For a moment just to fit right in

There is a time of courage love

To drop the acts and rise above

Let go of who you’ve tried to be

Let yourself be seen and see

Who would love the you you hide

Who will stay there by your side

In intimate interlude you may just find

That you really like what’s in your mind

Once the past has been accounted

The present flows just like a fountain

The future then is the new mountain

Waiting for your feet to climb

Unmasked and whole filled with divine

There’s nothing now that you can’t do

To dance and fly and sing so true

Step off the stage and into life

Let go of pain and hurt and strife


Live like you were meant to do

Live and to yourself be true

We drop our masks and dance

The music has come to an end

We clap and bow and in these shadows

A new dance can begin

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