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My Eyes Meet the Ground

I catch myself shuffling when I walk


Down hearted

Lower than that

I am sinking into the earth

One step after another until I am there

Among the rocks

At the bottom

Of forever

The infinite is here within

Each step

Raised and lowered

Feet and eyes

I cannot look up

Until the sun cuts through

The clouds

Until I see blue blue

Reach for me

I have gone nowhere but down

The sun has pulled the clouds between us

Every day now colorless

Reach for me

Let there be color in this world

Let there be light

Let heaven descend once more

Remind me I am made of dust

Reflecting the center of my solar system

I step and straighten

Outside held up by force of will

To stand tall and be proud

My eyes still meet the ground

Begging for shelter

To not be left out alone in the rain

I dance

My eyes meet the ground

I close them and raise my face to the rain

I am quenched and drenched

Dancing and hoping for brighter skies

A break in the clouds

A respite from the torrent

To try again

To wrest joy from circumstances


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