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Add a Little Romance

Walked a spirit path down by the river

Listening to the trees upon the wind

The sparrow and the robin and the cardinal

Swept through the branches once again

My feet spoke to the earth the rocks the mud

My skin heard sunlight shade and breeze

A symphony of sensation under a canopy of leaves

I was in love that day, I believe

An intimate encounter with my spirit

An intimate rendezvous with love

A romantic intertwining of the world around me

With myself until the differential dissapated

Can I tell you how to walk reverent upon the earth

Can words convey how to take each step respectful

Is there a way to transmit wilderness into civilization

I’m not sure, but I try

I’m not certain, but I try

We are not separate from the world around us

We suffer isolated

Meditate upon the flower or the tree

Concentrate on the wasp or bumblebee

Listen listen

For a moment understand

We all walk together on this land

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  1. Nice!

    Hope that you’re well:

    Respect, Love & Light

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