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In a Certain Light

In a certain light that’s fading

I am beauty

I am grace

They send me messages to tell me

Of the beauty in my face

In a certain light

I’m sure that’s true

Age has tracked me down

Cornered me and keened

The wrinkles and the grey

The softening in between

Would some then dare remark

How my spirit shines

A spark

Or that my mind is fascinating

My humor there it seems

Well stocked and well equipped

With a smart retort and quip

Right there on my lip

Would that my inner self

Show beyond the skin

I’m beautiful within

The light is fading dying

Twilight has come again

My beauty is revealed

As the light begins to dim

There’s a chorus in the moonrise

There’s a song emanating from the stars

There’s a dance that never ends

I take two steps and back again

I’m beautiful it’s certain

In a certain light

I still lay my head upon the pillow

Alone another night

Will he see the bright beginning

Right here near the end

Will he approach with reverence

The soul I hold within

Will there be a time of reckoning

Where joy and happiness are twin

To the darkness I endured

To make it worth it

Help it mend

brown cottage under aurora borealis
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1 thought on “In a Certain Light

  1. Beautifully honest poem.

    Not sure which pic is which in terms of chronological posting, though I believe your video presentation on healing & the chakras (I’m personally into the third eye & a bit of the crown chakra) to be recent.

    At the rush offending you (though I certainly apologize your feelings & sensibilities at the time you wrote the this poem), let’s just say that I so strongly disagree with your appraisal of your own appearance. Saying more, would in all likelihood be inappropriate.

    Needless to say you have so much to offer the Universe, anyway & I think you know that I’m a huge fan of so much of your work.

    Why do I preach to you in this condescending manner? I don’t know…sorry. Please tell me to go to hell, if appropriate.

    Respect, Kindness & Love from Crystal Lake.

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