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Black and Grey

Softly singing to the clouds

The misty morning hush

The day is black and grey

I never get enough

No colors in my world

No song within my soul

The rains have come forever

Flooding every pore

It’s a sloggy sort of sunshine missing

Weather in my heart

It’s a boggy sort of colorless

Art that couldn’t start

It’s a painting and a picture

Of a life that’s drab and frayed

Black and grey

I sit here in contemplation

Of the colors that had been

Of light and white and gleaming shine

Of lavenders and sin

I’ll reach again I know it

The moment and the poise

Where melodies resolve from

The ruckus and the noise

A brightening and glow

A tightening and a flow

Of creation and relation

It will all come back again

Until forever ends I’ll settle in

Under the blanket in the gloom

Light a little lamp in the corner of my room

And read a Russian author and nap right through

The dimness and the thinness that presents itself today

Black and grey

Old photographs and losses

Hope turns its face away

Neither one of us can look at me

That’s quite okay

Let loose the mooring from the dock and float

Out upon the foggy misty waters

There’s mysteries and secrets in the early morning haze

Could last for days

Or just a moment

The world reduced to black and grey

And I’ll travel through the hidden

Corridors and ways

In black and greys

Gentle truths and comfort ruthless

Written here and gone away

grayscale photography of boat on calm water
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