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What He Said

There’s too much to figure out

Too many options

Too many ways to get it wrong

He had to think of his kids

Finding a place to live was easy

Misses having a room with a door

To be able to close it and eat something and watch tv

Echoes all around him

Ghosts of the past in his eyes

He would tell me my secret name

My eyes glowed emerald when I plucked the strings

He liked the guitar playing

That I was better at it than I let on

That it’s too difficult to know how old people are

How big they are

Nothing is as it appears to be

He studied the palm of my hands

Staring into them

He said I was difficult to read

That I didn’t seem like someone who had experienced tragedy

He wouldn’t tell his family he was struggling

Didn’t want to be a burden

He had places he could stay

While he figured it out

Could he have a smoke

The sun glowed softly while we played guitar

And spoke of mysteries and truth

The trees whispered

The breeze sang quietly

When I left he was still a little lost

Standing in the sunlight

Under the blue blue sky




Through the pitfalls

Around the obstacles

Over the barriers

In his mind

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2 thoughts on “What He Said

  1. Just read the your heartfelt & beautiful poem.

    I believe you — always.

    But I can never tell my whole story publicly, or even too much of it. Nor even privately. I can’t rehash the stuff. If I was younger & healthier…maybe. But things were different back in the day. For me, a geat day is getting enough sleep!

    Yeah, I’m happy — even joyous all the time (no lie). I don’t exactly know why. But I do have so much fear mixed with it…

    I unload so much on you in writing. Swear I’m not like this in person & don’t much appreciate talking to men.

    I suspect you understand.

    Much respect, Love & Light,


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Appreciate your feedback on the poem!

      I like talking to people as a general rule, male or female or non-binary. Certain people I don’t want to talk to ever but it’s not because of gender usually.

      I hope your fear eases.

      Have a good evening, Rick.

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