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Hymn of the Nation

What’s the American religion

Worship the blues

Blood red rose

Into the pale

America built on greed

Cast from the wide world 

Oh Europe didn’t want us

But for the labor

And revolted

Revolting castes we kept

Fingers scratching through

The wood pulled along


Built on corruption

Foundation flawed

Independence from foreign tax

Taxed now in triplicate relax

Oligarchical orchestrations

Joke to other nations

What’s the American Religion




What’s the American Religion

United Corpses

Nation wailing under flags

Fallen people

To hell we’re dragged

By womb and wrought

By weapons reeled

In like fish upon a hook

Lurid lures

How hope endures

Despite this American Condition

How will it end

A civil war?

Civility already fled

Upon hate and loathing fed

Dressed in tears

And torn address

They say out loud

How they confess

Power holding too much sway

To corporations and NRA

What is the American Religion

Money bags

And velvet couches

Polished shoes

And welfare vouchers

How the rich steal from the poor

Can we take a minute more

Before the whole nation crumbles

Here the drumbs

Hear the rumbles

All the gold is fumbled

What is the American Religion

How we prey

Run for cover

Enough we say


We sit and wonder

What tragedy befalls today

Religious zeal has no place

In governing the human race

Ethics are a different story

Written by integrity

Finger pointing

Shouting words

No one is really heard

Below the fray

Can we worship peace

Can we idolize love

Can we prioritize the living

Will we squander our ideals

Will we waste our lives away

Singing hims of patriarchy

On our knees we bend

An American Religion is a sin

We burn in flames red white and blue

There’s no escape for me and you

What reason needed logic

Intelligence is tragic

One more climb upon the stairs

Let us be free we do declare

From violence

Bodies autonomous

To live in pursuit of happiness

Not wealth

Access to good health

They take by force

They take by stealth

Our daily freedoms

Trespass not upon these rights

We can’t afford to fight

One nation under foot

We plead

And who hears

We beg

And who draws near

The aged notorious

Politicians on the take

And take

And take

What is the American Religion

In our arms we bear

Every lost life

From this American Condition

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