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Thoughts About Things


I gave birth to galaxies

Universe expanding

They shine in the distance

Welcome lights in the darkness

Love given and received

Forever bound and free


Taken away at birth

A great disconnection

Cut off from the past


Some fare better than I did

I fared better than some

No changing the past

Wresting the future from the present

Only a glance back now and then

To take measure of the journey

Catch a breath and take the next step


Reductionist arguments

Exclusive mindset

War of ideology in full force

Enforced rigidity

Of thought, values, behavior

What land is free

In such restriction


They will try to tell you what to do

And how

Such arrogance

Such ignorance

A tiring process to protect


One’s center

One’s time

And attention

Set the boundaries

Hold them tight

Flow like water

Around the fight

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