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What You Wish

Every day your fear

Will overcome your joy

If what you wish is what you wish

When you try to be fearless

You wish for joy

You wish for peace

You wish the world to be

Better tomorrow than yesterday

Wishes clashing fighting now

What can you do with this

There’s unrest in the streets

There’s laws between the sheets

What justifies the mess we’ve made

What codifies the rain

Wish and wish and wish some more

Two puppets playing Punch and Judy

A fiasco for our flight

So we will never look behind

And stop the hands performing

We cheer and shout as if we were

At wrestlers ringside brewing

Wish and wish and wish some more

And all our rights go out the door

So we can work and still remain

Not middle class but poor

Always begging for the scraps

Fewer falling to the floor

We bark and wag regardless

For these wishing days

Upon us

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