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My Bones Fell Out

Ice caverns breathing fire

Rivers swollen push through soggy banks

Mist and fog and partial thoughts

When I tried to stand my bones fell out

Clattering scattering pattering across the floor

There’s a hacking of the limbs and boughs

Dismembered then from who I’ve been

A stump where once a grand tree stood

Sodden mess upon the floor

My pieces scattered all around

If you find them send them back to me

Reassembling mote by mote

A new page to this story wrote

Each letter wrought from blazen ink

Mourn again for who I be

Is gone again

Tomorrow something new

Made in its place

I start again

My bones fell out

Full of pain I let them fall

To gather back again in time

After stock and stew sublime

We eat the pain we cannot rend

To make it whole

To make it mend

Somewhere someone will walk again

Tell you that their name is mine

I walk in the garden of divine

Mystic place of beauty calling

I’ll come back full of light and peace

You’ll never recognize me then

I see you in the after when

Diffused light through me flows


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Day three after testing positive with Covid. Take care of each other. See you on the flip side

2 thoughts on “My Bones Fell Out

  1. I love your rhythm and words choice! Great stuff 😊

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

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