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Are You Full Yet?

Did you finally get enough of yourself

Your lies and denials

The bullshit excuses

Have you looked in the mirror

And said enough

Enough squirming away

Enough closing your eyes

Enough self defeating

Sabotage wielding

Ego bashing madness

Enough wild bravado

Enough always the best

Enough of perfection

And embraced what was left

Have you let yourself be

Wounded and vulnerable

Loving and loved

Mistaken and sometimes

Partly right

Have you opened to love

Without demanding it

Have you opened to joy

Without remanding it

Have you finally finally

Let go of judgment

Let compassion enter

Stage left

Swim a minute

In the lake of love

Float there and look at

The sky above

You’ve caught out

Human and flawed

Worthy of love

Even in the midst

Of your self doubt

No need for haters


They will arrive by storm from


No matter how good or perfect

Or reckless you become

So drift there, my love

In all your beautiful spirit

Love has got you

Coming and going

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