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A Celebration

I’m glad you’re here!

I love the way you fill the space

How gently you love

Your thoughtful reflections

How fierce you stand against injustice

There is a dedication to truth

Showing in the titles of the books you read

An exploration for more peace

More love

More spirit

In each living experiment you make

You try this and try that

And find out what works best for you

How careful you are to think of others

Don’t be weighed down by reproach

When you falter, son

Forgive and keep going

The road is long and mistakes

Will litter it like fallen branches after

A strong wind

Remember the still peaceful days

Where the path was clear and easy

Hold onto those and let the rest fall away

I’m glad you’re here in this world

Thinking and learning and living

Breathing and singing and giving

Take good care of yourself

And remember you are well loved

Much loved

Always loved

You are needed and necessary

There is room for you here in this world

Your insight, your views, your opinion

Thank you for being yourself

Thank you for being you

I love you

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