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Small Joys

The rising aroma of coffee

How the birds sing so sweetly at dawn

Flowers blooming in unexpected places

Sunlight streaming rays through a window

Sliding exhausted into freshly washed sheets

Sizzling skillet

Laughter of friends

Long stretch of road on a sunny day

A text reading “Do you have time to catch up?”

A card in the mail on no particular day

Hearing a phrase from an old familiar song

Waking up near a body of still water

Magical frost

The first good snow

A warm day after a string of chill

The way you smile to yourself at a funny thought

Relaxing in a hot bath

A good long hike in the woods

Exploring an unfamiliar town

Arriving to meet someone you haven’t seen in a while


A dream that changes everything

How the light springs up in your eyes when you see someone you love

Another day, please

Of these small joys

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