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Dying to Love

They are forbidden

To be together

Into a hard world they were born

Strife and aggression

What does it mean to be a man

To swagger

Fierce and tough

There’s no room for the tenderness

They feel for each other

For the flowers blooming in the sidewalk cracks

And the empty lots they pass

It’s a sultry day spent out of the sun

Who moved first by accident

Of course by accident

Sitting just close enough

Shirt sleeves touching

Who moved first by accident

Of course by accident

They are too aware of each other

Of those shirt sleeves touching

Speaking about the video on TV

Playing a big star and they are laughing so much

Everything is wonderful and terrible

Whole bodies laughing together

The air is crackling

The world cannot hold them

Their world will not allow

What happens next

When their eyes meet

Who closed the distance

Who reached first

But it went straight to hell

The whole moment


When he walked into the room

This is forbidden in their world

No kiss

No handholding

No shoulders brushing

No more of anything as

The violence erupted

He lunged for one of them

The other defended

The world tilted

Pinball tilt

A loud crack

A smoking gun

One dead on the floor

Relief in each other’s eyes

The realization too that

The only way to survive

This is to become enemies

They flee from love

They flee from each other

They will never be happy together

This is forbidden in their world

So who cares

Burn the whole world

Burn the past

Burn the love

The body count climbs

The world did not make room for them

To be soft and sweet and together

A feud now to the death

They sing love songs to each other

Longing for the day they will be out of this world

Unwilling to leave the other behind

They suffer apart

And everyone else pays the price


No admission to love

No tickets to paradise

War on the streets

When will it end that love can find its way

And grow in the deserted places

abandoned building with remaining walls and shabby parquet
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