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Dial Tone (1991)

Simple rhyme cannot capture
the sorrow and the rapture
Of a heart breaking in two
or the pain of missing you.

Just a song that isn’t sung
like our relationship undone;
Yarn that isn’t knitted
can’t unravel, isn’t fitted.

And cotton that’s not spun
is just like us, not quite begun,
Even though the feelings flared
Our hearts all open, even bared.

Though the happiness we felt
Were just cards not being dealt,
Just the aroma, not the flavor
A piece of life we couldn’t savor.

A voice on a cold night,
Without the arms to hold us tight.
And so we learned to let it go,
to ride the wind, the rain, the snow.

Put the phone back in the cradle,
Leave the stove, put back the ladle,
A dish that’s unprepared,
Can’t be eaten, won’t be fared.

Look back with no regret,
the path before us was well set,
The tone goes on alone.
The tone goes on alone.

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