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Bones Shake

The bones of the earth rattle

What have you done

Mountain tops tumble

What have you done

Red rivers running rivulets

Through the ruddy landscape

What have you done

Howling winds demand to know

What have you done

Plucking trees from forest beds

Planks sailing through the sky

What have you done

The skeletons are restless

The closet doors won’t hold

The basement is unbedded

The graves grave stories are unfolded

What have you done

Ghostly spirits wailing

Tragedies untold

The bones shake with fury

The bones shake with grace

The finger of the past is pointing

The earth herself is speaking

What have you done

Nothing just or righteous

Be certain

The sky is falling

Blood dripping down the canvas

The past is calling

Unanswerable muted mumbles

To your knees fiends

Your time is up

The forest has risen

Growing wooden stakes

For vampire hearts

The ashes have gathered

The bones shake

The bones shake

And you cannot dance

No more

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