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The music plays lightly from the speakers on the desk

It’s not too loud and something soothing and familiar

Small, fold down table laden with brushes in a coffee mug

Mason jar tinted blue with an inch of water waiting

The thrill uncapping colors

A canvas laid out before me

I meant to stay, but I tumbled

Color swirled

Brushes brushed

A flower, a tree, a forest

Sunset, sunrise, an entire city

Shadows and light and color

Water flowed like a river reflecting

It’s almost like here, but not quite

A world to explore similar

I step through boundaries only accessible at night

In dreams and lucid states I come untethered

Traveling beyond limitations

How the hours pass

Hunger howls before I stop

The sun has gone down and there’s still

Clean-up and assessment

And then it’s eating and contentment


I’ll be leaving be sure of that

Every chance I get

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