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Four Times Woke

My reputation is sound

Sleeping deeply through the night

Early to bed, early to rise

Productive, if not wise

Last night to bed I went

Expectations set to sleep

Why then did I awaken

At one with tears still streaming


Back to sleep and dreaming

What is breaking down inside me

What falls apart when I’m adrift

Upon the sleeping wings of spirit

To waken me each shift

Oh sadness, tell me that you’re leaving

Soon for good

And leave my rest in peace

And let me sleep and dream of beauty

And of love most understood

Let me dream of golden years

Bright sunlit walks anon

Let me go, I beg you

That I might wake once again

From tearless sleeps


Let the dawn break gently

Every twilight morn

Leave my spirit mended

And nightly rest unroused

Thank you for attending

To these mysterious bouts

Welcome when the tide is turning

Going out

Going out

Away with you go out

And let the sun roll in to shore

So I can dream and cry no more

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