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New Flavors of Sunlight

I taste the light on my face

My skin warm in the streaming rays

Shifting patterns of colors

Lavender and licorice

Strawberry sparkles

Mocha motes floating

The world shifts endless

Beaming new flavors of sunlight

Where the shadow crouched in ashes

Taste of dust on chapped lips

Parched peculiar

Partially petrified

Where words entombed upon this tongue

Desert dry

Still drowning

Finally found a well

Well watered

Buckets up and emptied

Primed and powered from the deep

The darkest, coolest

Stone lined cistern

There I drank experience and woe

There I drank regret and wisdom

All my senses opening

The world is streaming into me

All these brand new flavors

Drifting on the sunbeams

I soak them in each open pore

Grow taller in this tasteful light

Yesterday is far

Tomorrow can’t arrive

Larger in the moment

Then the blue perpetual sky

Close your eyes and see

Close your eyes and taste

This light

tree with brunch and green leaves during sunset
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