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You Never Wandered So Far

You stayed put

In the lane they told you

Following the rules

While it seemed everyone else

Disregarded them

You downshifted


Slowed for everyone

Your dreams packed tightly in the trunk

Waiting for a rest stop

Or a home

To unpack them

One day, you hit the accelerator

Turned up the music

Rolled down the windows

And never looked back

You screeched and swerved

Into a new place

Unloaded everything but the


Then unloaded some of that too

Here you are

Barefoot and brilliant

In the hot desert sun

Setting up a temporary tent

To shelter the dreams

Finally out of the dark

The well is there

Inside you

Drink deeply

My love

Shine in the darkness

Warm up the cold

Be a beacon of wisdom

Be a harbor for the hurting ones

Let your dreams be a shade, a shadow, and

A light

Let them dance through the sky

Let them swim through the sea


The world is yours

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