So Dramatic (A Rant) (A DRAMAtic Rant)

It’s people who say they don’t want drama who bring it to your doorstep, pour vodka on it, and drive the verbal barbs home before leaving dramatically, then wonder why you don’t want to talk to them.

Life is full of drama – accidents, celebrations, joy, sorrow. To say you don’t want drama is to reject life.

People say they don’t want drama then watch shows and movies full of it to get what they are rejecting in real life…a passionate, engaged life.

People create so much distance from their own feelings thinking it protects them from hurt, but it prevents healing also.

To heal it, you have to feel it.

And for those tempted to say, but I mean I don’t want unnecessary drama, all I can say is that it has been my experience, which is limited to, uh, my experience, that people who state “I don’t want drama” appear to mean that they don’t want your drama, usually because they are ready and willing to supply enough for two or more people.

Further studies may be needed to support this theory.

So, if the shoe fits, have a fit, it’s not unexpected.

Feel those feelings.

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