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New Compositions

I’ve been working in the home studio, with two of the three tracks I’ll be releasing in February finished.

I composed Infection deep in the throws of the post-booster shot malaise. This is a modern lament of heartbreak and woe.

Unamended, Unmended was written with the idea that the problems in the world, in our lives, in ourselves, need to be addressed and repaired. In isolation, desolation, and feeling lost and alone, there’s no where to run away from the issues.

I love this title because it’s multiple plays on words

Darned can mean condemned or it can mean fixed/repaired (as in to darn socks that have holes in them.

Socks can be warm comfortable footwear or blows.

So within the title are 4 separate possible meanings.

Also, this track is a nice resolution to the other two.

Thank you for listening!

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