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“Learn to make love from a book?”

Character grabs the wrong book.

The way this actress moves is hilarious.

I have questions about this video like, were there dances where the ladies collected tickets from the gents for dancing?

2 thoughts on ““Learn to make love from a book?”

  1. Very funny stuff. Here’s a link to USO history.

    This is an “educational film.” The link above describes some rules that were in place to keep sexual activity in check at these events which may have included prepurchased dance tickets for exchange with a hostess for a dance. My speculation is the movie may have been shown to soldiers as a humorous way of reinforcing the message about enjoying the company of hostesses but not going too far.

    Very funny film. I agree the actress has very good comedy instincts! Thanks for posting. Made me chuckle

    1. Excellent article! Thank you so much! I’m glad you got a chuckle, too 🙂

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