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I Was Once A Punk Like You

I had the dress code right

Black boots, black coat, shaved head

With a square shouldered swagger

So tough

So hard

So edgey

I listened to the right music

I non-conformed uniformly with every other disillusioned


We grouped together in our subgroup

Raising fists to defy authority

Only to look to our defiant peers to make certain

We were getting it just right

Then I rebelled against that too

I shapeshift right out of every box and definition

Others try to pin on me

Stomping and shaking loose my own


Making love my goal

For myself and this crazy life

And for you

Especially you

In your khakis and polos

In your converse and wild kicks

In your Doc Martins and black lips

In your street tough

In your mini van

In your shuffling aged gaits

In your youthful brash confidence

I was once a punk like you

Street tough

And weeping alone in the dark

Trying to protect the softest bits of myself

Until I could learn to heal

Enough to soften

To see the bright glow of dawn with hope

To let the existential dread wash away in the rain

To choose the here and now

Over and again with determined joy

To choose life anyway

Every way

The greatest experiment

Plenty of room to adapt parameters

Narrowing and broadening factors

Understanding it’s alright

It’s all right

This learning living growing mess

Suffering is universal and unique all at once

And so is joy

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