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Who Can Say?

She asked me why I only play for her

And what can I say

But I told her I play for about 5 different people

My chord changes are still sloppy

I forget the words

I fall apart when people are listening

I fall off the guitar

My fingers fumble

My tongue turns dumb

The spotlight feels too hot

Too bright

She says my songs are good

My voice is lovely

Have I played in a bar yet

Have I been on stage


I told her

I forgot how to play the song

And I want to maybe

Be the person who can shine

In the light

But I’m so used to being in the dark

And I don’t know how

To stand out

Instead of blend in

Maybe someday

Before I’m ready

I might remember the words

With fluent chords

With an audience bigger than five

Maybe I will stay in key

And sing.

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