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Desert Rains

The skies rumble

Grey clouds forming dark

Looming low as the wind rises

You should stay inside

Avoid the potential hail and lightning

But it’s been so long since it rained

The desert sun shriveling every plant

Except the cacti and the succulents

As your barefeet hit the hot sand

Large drops of water

Hit the ground

Small explosions sounding

Like smiled hellos in passing

Among parked cars and reggae

He told you he wouldn’t stay

He told you he didn’t want more than a moment

Of your time

But how he rained on you

Praise and attention

Smiles and intelligent conversation

And you danced barefoot in the storm

With a smile radiant

The lightning barely missing

The thunder roaring wild in your veins

Air crackled

Rivers were born, raging

Dying as the clouds moved along

The quiet pronounced the end

Buildings sparkled

The accumulated dust washed away

Days later the desert burst into bloom

Your dress hung from a line snapping

Reproaches in the sweltering breeze

You couldn’t hear it as your feet

Tapped rhythms on the cool tile floor

You bowed to your reflection

Which winked back at you

Though you might miss the rain at times

The desert heart is always blooming

Wild and free

green and orange cactus
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