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Just Whispered

The breath of the universe

Blowing gently through the leaves

They blushed

And let go

For this moment

I, too

Am a tree turning red

A little yellow

A bit orange

Every illusion drifting


Blown away

My branches are barren

All bark and odd angles showing

I wait in the autumn sun

For my white cloak

Limbs lifted in praise

For the cold and dark

For the bright cool light

Longer still

For the warmth of spring

dirt road cover by dried leaves
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4 thoughts on “Just Whispered

  1. Beautiful poem for mid-October morning on the porch with coffee, slight autumn chill and leaves falling…

    1. Thank you, Doug! It is a gorgeous day here – brightly sunny, and cool. 🙂

  2. Beautiful

    1. Thank you!

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