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He lingers on the edges

Of a universe askew

I am dancing in the courtyard

Garden fountain flowing

The music’s in the summer breeze

There are flowers in my hair

This dress is swishing softly

The grass bedecked with dew

There’s a tension to this moment

Each step, each turn, each beat

Will he step forward to the dance

Or back again with chilly feet

The moon is shining brightly

The dawn is soon to break

This dance is almost over

The pipes have all been played

My arms are tracing patterns

Against the starry morn

The spell is almost finished

Fate is almost cast

He lingers on the edges

Of a universe askew

silhouette of ballet dancer
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2 thoughts on “Delightful

  1. As always wondered imagery Wendy. Abstract enough to arouse the imagination and vivid enough to paint beautiful pictures… your mastery!

    1. Thank you so much! Sorry it took me so long to get to this – I was offline while moving location temporarily!

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