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I’m lost in the midst

of what had been

and what could be

The only map

Is the hope of something


or something

like love

I want to be closer

to perfect

and further away

from good

Apathy just doesn’t

hit like it used


So I care and care and care

Do you cry like I do

When someone is nice to you

A touch of warmth

on a brisk day

The cool breeze in the heat



I’m lost in the midst

Of what was lost

And what is yet to be gained

I can’t find my way home


Searching for your heart

in the sea

Salt water rains

And waves toppling

that construct

I will see you clearly


if you take my hand


here in the midst

of imperfect

and almost good enough

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5 thoughts on “Midst

  1. Beautiful poem. Great manipulation of grammar and line, it adds an eerie aspect to your work. Incredible!

    1. Thank you so much!

  2. “Who is wrong, who is right? Once we were lovers, held hands and we loved the sea. When love drift away, can we catch the wave of need again. I told you, I love you and please come back to me. I saw in your eyes. Only the great sea of separation, I could see in your eyes. The love had left you and all we have is goodbye.” Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry.

    1. Thank you for your response, John!

      1. You are welcome dear Wendy. I enjoyed your work.

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