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I Ran With You

So many miles we went

Along dusty paths and across forest floor

A shadow right beside me

How autumn left her scent

In damp leaves swiftly piling

As the winter wind began to blow

In from the cold places lying waiting

That enemy is time

My tears couldn’t hold it back

When it came for you

I lost so much of myself too

So many miles beneath our feet

Your paws in snow and mud

Your nose a prodding boop against my leg

My fingers in your fur

My tears upon your head

But if I wept you got upset, and so I swallowed

All of them until the day

You wouldn’t see them any more

It’s hard to move some days

To put on shoes and take the trails

Remembering the days of joy when

I ran with you

I ran with you until you couldn’t run another step

And we walked for hours slowly sharing

In the beautiful sunsets

How you’d lay in someone’s yard until

You caught your breath

And my breath is caught and stuck

And fraught with loss

When you never got it back

I ran with you

I ran with you

And now I walk weighted

Unwilling to go faster

Held back by sorrow and gravity

I will run again

I will

I know you’re out there in spirit

Running still

And I will run with you

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