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Best Friends

There’s the surface, and then the truth

Skipping rocks on water

With the daughter of my parents’ friends



Backyard Barbecues

Barbies sprinklers

Long walks

Swimming and bike rides to nowhere




We were best friends because there was no

Other words to describe a dynamic

For the most part

Beyond our control

She would not show up for me

And there’s the truth then

Of how I grew up

With with unnamed group of friends

Who did show up for me


Three guys on BMX bikes

My true best friend, in retrospect

Always in the midst of the others

Or by himself

I still see you

Days full of skateboards


BMX tricks

Blaring the music as the balls bounced

And the wheels rolled

Doorbell ringing with the group asking me

“Can you play, there’s a pick up game at the courts?”

My game was solid

Daily shooting

Free throw


Half court


I’m on my way

We couldn’t say

Back then

With so much skin in the game

That we were best friends

We never had to say it

This was written on the court

Written in the music

Written on the pavement

Written in skinned knees

Written on scraped shoulders

Written on wheelies

Written on sweet passes

Scored on backboards

Written into the sum of who I was

The acceptance of the group

The truth of it

Under the surface

Those guys saved me over and over

When they showed up

And showed up

And showed up


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