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Fan Mail For Patchwork Blue

Patchwork Blue Album

“First of all, I want to say Patchwork Blue is dynamite. It’s really exciting that you and Wendy have created such an interesting, highly listenable, unique work and sound!
I love every track and have to continually remind myself that I KNOW one of these people! The differences between you and Wendy strongly compliment and expand everything. The only thing that bothers me—though maybe it doesn’t bother you or Wendy—is the ancient conundrum of getting it (not necessarily ‘widely’ but ‘widely enough’) heard…which in no way reflects on how enormously pleasing the CD is. With the internet, of course, anything is possible.

There are wonderful threads of so many things that recall or lead and engage. It isn’t ‘light music’ but it is light. Which makes it very easy to take in. Do you have the lyrics accessible somewhere? I can hear you pretty clearly but Wendy’s can be a challenge to make out which, in her case, adds to the mystery and appeal. “

~ a fan

Lyrics can be found here.

I wrote a little bit about the varying responses to the album both from others and myself here.

2 thoughts on “Fan Mail For Patchwork Blue

  1. It is always a courageous thing to put one’s creativity out there. As a musician, singer/songwriter, I have my favourite go-to music and there are, of course, many musical genres that don’t really appeal to me. That being said, I appreciate every creative person who attempts to put something out there.

    I have had a listen to Patchwork Blue and can say it is a wonderfully eclectic mix of vocals and music arrangements. And, I can also say I have nothing else in my music collection that even closely resembles the project. And because I am a fellow musician, singer/songwriter, I will offer a review, because I know how important reviews are, even though, in all honesty, we write and perform for ourselves, first.

    Lyrically, it’s definitely bluesy and filled with the ache that comes with blues music. Instrumentally, it has many elements that scream blues (naked and improvised) while being laced throughout with, what I imagine is, purposeful dissonance. I remember studying dissonance in music theory and how it was once popular among certain groups but frowned upon by traditionalists. Personally, I fall into the traditional camp of musicians and I find the kind of tension caused by dissonant notes so I found that I wasn’t following the melody as much as I usually would.

    That being said, I surprisingly enjoyed the album as a whole. It is a beautiful project created out of love and passion. Kudos to you both for putting this out there and good luck on future projects.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen, and especially taking the time for to offer your feedback! It is difficult for me to share music, and always is the hope that someone will enjoy listening to it. In the end, you are also correct when we write and perform for ourselves – and in so many respects this work is the fulfillment of collaboration, friendship, and musical resonance.

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