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What Did You Contemplate

I watched your face

A thousand ways you’d hide

In front of me

Fingers running lightly over your mouth

Lest the words escape

Dammed and damned

A shrug – the answer composed

Of a book of words unsaid

“I don’t know.”

But you did know


Your secrets are your own

I didn’t pry

Your private thoughts remained

Within the cage

Built over times unknown to me

And yet

The light came through the gaps

And glimpses caught

Of unrelenting pain

Did it relent finally

Did it ease at last

I’m sure I don’t know

And yet I hope

That you are out there with your

Happiness unbound

Sharing all the words you

Kept from me with

Someone safe for you

Steady for you

Someone you could

Be in revelation

The best we were for

Each other were

As friends

And the times we

Held each other in a

More intimate embrace

Less intimate

More insulated

We stood for a time

On and off

Back to back

In a world which would pry

Secrets from us

If we dropped our guard

And so we

Did not drop it


Not with each other

Not with each other

Not with the world


Mine have all escaped now

Running havoc

If you see them

Let them be

They are as free as me

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2 thoughts on “What Did You Contemplate

  1. i love ur blog so much

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy it, and I appreciate your letting me know. 🙂

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