There’s a story in the rings

Of lean years

And times of plenty

Some years you get

And some years you give

You lose all your leaves In the winter of life

And struggle against the cold

Lonely dormancy

Small comfort

That blanket of snow

Then the days lengthen

The air fills with bird song

A rising raising warmth

Swelling buds

Sunshine intermixed with rain

Here comes the green of a full life

Here comes the flowers in their

Glorious colors

Flamboyant or shy

They decorate the earth

With hope

Temporary Temporal Trouble

I couldn’t find the time

He lost it

An hour here

A few minutes there

She wasted some

And they had plenty

But lost track of it

Minutes seem forever

And years fly by too fast

Winging over every major transitory


It’s been forever

We say

As the clock ticks



We want more at times

And less at others

In all the striving

Rushed and waiting

Circling what’s important

Without touching it

Breathing light and fast

Hurried and worried


The moment crashes into time

We can see it splintering

Fragments of our most important


Sheared off hopes flung far and wide

We let go

We let go

Of what was

Of what might be

This one deep breath


A patient certitude

A tender gratitude


Life is now

Small Illumination

When the night falls silently

Cloaked over the restless day

Fears of the dark and unknown

Rising within and surrounding without

Each step feels fraught

Will the ground hold

Will the path stay steady

Is there a missed obstruction

Feet tripping over downed branches

Choices not taken or rued

How the heart beats faster

Shallows in the breath

The ominous quiet pervades

Calm is the challenge

Centering within

Cultivating a small illumination

That window to an infinite light

Texturing a peace

Like still water refelecting

The light of the round moon


Through the mists of fate

One sure step taken

To reveal the next

This is how, then

The journey resumes

In this small illuminated place

Puddle of Words

I fell into the puddle

Like a portal lying there

Reflecting trees and skies

The words that drew me inward

I fell through every letter

Into a different world

Each sentence pulled me downward

The phrases building folks who

Walked on cobbled paths

Carrying baskets filled with wares

Dodging horse and carts and chickens

I fell into the puddle

Through to another place

Where the heroes battled creatures

Well defined and clear

Where the outcome was uncertain

But the action was decisive

A world unlike our world

With its hazy ambiguity

With its tricky navigation

With its dicey risking choices

With its rolling indecision

Each letter brought me closer

Every phrase painted in the detail

Each sentence led me onward

Until I reached the end

And came back to this world

Bringing with me what I learned

The treasures which we cherish

Are unmeasured when they

Are love



I walk along the sidewalk

A library of wishes

After a light rain

Peering into puddles

Until I fall again

orange and white shoes
Photo by Aidan Roof on Pexels.com


Add courage less the fear

Love without the doubt

Thinking minus worry

Multiply your friends

Exponential family

Don’t divide to win

Art in symmetry

Asymmetrical poetry

A musical intermission

Imagine if you will

Trust and faith and hope

With every inhale love

With every exhale love

Less the pain

Less the pain


Cast your prayers upon the wind

A pebble in the pond of hope

Sinking yet the ripples wave

Wishes to the shore

Whispers fly the atmosphere

Landing at the highest point

On spindled branches bare

Pray and pray and pray some more

Weave your spell of anguish to avoid

Chant until your voice is hoarse

Of the love you seek to claim

Bare the soul to darkened night



The world anew awaits

calm pond in green forest
Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com


What is the sound of love

Which weaves a spell profound

The ripples in a creekbed

The song of birds awing

What is the sound of patience

A cantrip of the unbound

The slowly growing tree

The tide rolling away from shore

What is the sound of friendship

When changing and unchanging

The laughter ringing louder

The hug when tears will spill

All of life resounding

With a magic pulsing power

Will you let yourself enchant

The weary and despondant

Will you be enchanted

By the beauty all around us

Don’t break the spell, love

Speak of wonders in tones of awe

Don’t break the spell, love

Listen to the heart

As it beats you back to life