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The cold seeped almost to the bone

Fingers and toes

If my heart were made from fingers and toes

I radiate warmth and heat

Even while the hoarfrost grows thicker


When you come in from the cold the weight hurts

The toes and the fingers start to hurt

Where they were numb

Dangerous to plunge them into hot water

Warm them up slowly

Trickle love into a frostbit heart

Slowly, so slow, and a little slower

Warm not hot

It will take some time to adjust

They love so much so much so much

And it hurts like too much warmth too fast

It’s needed and it hurts, but you don’t want to say

Because you don’t want them to feel bad

Or go away

How to say that it hurts

It’s not them or their love or the words they say

It’s that the cold has been there so long

Everything numb

And the warmth allows feelings

And the feelings hurt which had been frozen

As they thaw and it melts through tears which

Can’t stop, and won’t stop

But they do stop

People stay and tears stop

It just takes a little time near the fire

Not too close, a little closer the warmer you get

After a while it doesn’t hurt when they love so much

Much is repaired by the hearth

And the frost melts away

In out of the cold

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