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Almost Love

I felt the absence of you when you left

A glance to share an inside joke

Shorthand to understanding with a word

Missed the easy rhythm long established

Of daily routines set by mutual interaction

It was almost love

Well it was love but not love, love

Not the kind of love you’d walk through fire for

Or the kind that would burn down all your walls

Not the get to the bottom of things love

Nor the we can work this out together if we try kind of love

It was only if it’s convenient kind of love

As long as we stay comfortably on the surface kind of love

And healing’s okay for you, you mess

But I’m just fine

Sure you’re just fine

It was almost love

Almost fine

Almost good enough for now

It was easily replaced for you

Settle in another mess

Almost love’s no longer right for me

I want the burning, yearning, growing kind of love

An intimacy beyond surface

A healing intertwined throughout a journey

A spiritual connection

A divine interaction

I’m almost there, love

I’m almost love, now

Just one more step into the infinite

Dawning light of spirit

This love is freedom

No almost in sight

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