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Trickster and the Panic Button

Big coyote energy

Sets the lights a’flashing

Warning bells alarmed by

Mistakes rolling downhill growing

Exponentially as each solution goes awry

The stakes are getting higher, and the tension’s rising fast

Each decision leading swiftly to the next thwarted intention

A moment in the chaos the realization makes a showing that this slapstick

Plot comedic can be halted if not reversed with some deep breaths and

A belly laugh rather than with getting seriously ingrained

In the drama of the moment in the fear of what could be

The bolting horse is slowing down

The calm is settling into the

Furrows and the divots

Fate left in the passing

Farewell Coyote bye

Below is a photo of my beloved Pasha, the Equine Saint of Panic, sometimes known as He Who Should Not Be Tied.

He runs gallantly in my dreams, and always in my heart his hoofbeats sing.

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