Encompass Me

If I am drowning in you

Let me not breathe air again

If you are darkness

Keep all light from me

If you are light

May shade never find me

If you are beauty

Let all that is not beautiful be repelled

If you are truth

Can deceit not wither and die at last

Encompass me

My breath

My heart

My spirit

My love

I within you

You within me

Home, indestructible

This is love then

This unity of spirit

The light breeze on bare skin

A wonder shining in eyes contemplating of heaven

Feet ground into mud

Beings of fire, earth, water, air

Flames have no edges

We burn together in a cosmic votive

Cardamom scent rising

As I encompass you

Encompass me

Almost Love

I felt the absence of you when you left

A glance to share an inside joke

Shorthand to understanding with a word

Missed the easy rhythm long established

Of daily routines set by mutual interaction

It was almost love

Well it was love but not love, love

Not the kind of love you’d walk through fire for

Or the kind that would burn down all your walls

Not the get to the bottom of things love

Nor the we can work this out together if we try kind of love

It was only if it’s convenient kind of love

As long as we stay comfortably on the surface kind of love

And healing’s okay for you, you mess

But I’m just fine

Sure you’re just fine

It was almost love

Almost fine

Almost good enough for now

It was easily replaced for you

Settle in another mess

Almost love’s no longer right for me

I want the burning, yearning, growing kind of love

An intimacy beyond surface

A healing intertwined throughout a journey

A spiritual connection

A divine interaction

I’m almost there, love

I’m almost love, now

Just one more step into the infinite

Dawning light of spirit

This love is freedom

No almost in sight

Trickster and the Panic Button

Big coyote energy

Sets the lights a’flashing

Warning bells alarmed by

Mistakes rolling downhill growing

Exponentially as each solution goes awry

The stakes are getting higher, and the tension’s rising fast

Each decision leading swiftly to the next thwarted intention

A moment in the chaos the realization makes a showing that this slapstick

Plot comedic can be halted if not reversed with some deep breaths and

A belly laugh rather than with getting seriously ingrained

In the drama of the moment in the fear of what could be

The bolting horse is slowing down

The calm is settling into the

Furrows and the divots

Fate left in the passing

Farewell Coyote bye

Below is a photo of my beloved Pasha, the Equine Saint of Panic, sometimes known as He Who Should Not Be Tied.

He runs gallantly in my dreams, and always in my heart his hoofbeats sing.

The Cosmic Beat

In the beat of my heart

The rhythm of you sounded

My eyes had not seen your face then

What grew there in the amongst the stars

Shimmering in space

Vast and concientious

I began to tell our story

Born aloft on dreams

Gazing into firelight

Soundings plucked from strings

Time unraveled wholly

Meaning grew from words

In a garden planted seedlings

Were notes in letters written

By the love bug bitten

The song flew from my spirit

To meet you there beyond

Listen, darling, to the music

Hear me in the harmony

I am the song in you

You are the song in me

Together we will play this hand

Dealt eternally

photo of orange cosmos flower
Photo by Raphael Brasileiro on Pexels.com

Upcoming Music Release

I’ll be back to my regular programming soon. I have this happening on the 20th, and am finishing up the research and edits on the next installment of the podcast, too.

This new music release is a combination of spoken poetry and musical composition. I hope you’ll like it as much as I enjoyed the creation.

If you’re on SoundCloud, find me there so I can follow you. 🙂

No Moon on Sunday

Though I sleep deeply and well

Some nights the glow of the full moon

Pulls me from my bed into the quiet

Early morning darkness

To admire her fullness

I have brought chairs out into lawns

From the Caribbean to Vermont

From the Midwest to Saudi Arabia

Wide awake in calm reverence

To sit and meditate upon her face

On mornings like this

On mornings just like this

The sun has bid me rise

A golden beginning to the day

There is a light weight upon the morning

Of all the early mornings when

Roused from slumber to alertness

When I crept through dark abodes

While others slept unknowing

To keep vigil as the sun renewed

A hope as secret and as known

As there could be

That there be love and meaning

And goodness in the world

And in me

A shining promise that this could

Be so

The light finds me waiting

For that gentle touch upon the sky

Timelessly marking time

Just born

I am as old as the earth

As old as the stars

I have just begun to shine


Bleak grey sky and a pocketful of adventure

The stinging cold tempered by a little hope

In disbelief, I sat trying to turnover an engine of dreams

That would not start

Just an endless clicking

No purring come-to-life signifyer

My engine guy’s name is Joe (of course it is –

All the best mechanics are so named)

It’s probably a dead battery, Joe said

Dead in the frozen ocean of snow

The biting wind nipped at my hands

While I looked within

At a terminal problem

One can labor under the weight of options

For hours or days

Choices and consequences and possible futures

Strung out in an infinite array

A pressure to decide just to have made a decision

Tempered by an internal patience

More information

Sit with the complications

Until reduced to a precise simplicity

Better connections

Cleaned and cleared of the past

Replace the core

Take the time it takes, but make it quick

Stick with it until the solution arrives

Until the word is go


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a fickle intelligence

soul are winds

the sudden parting of clouds

hope filled future

worry free countenance

the joyous wagging canine tale

carefree dance

inside jokes and shared smiles

happy went lucky


a need for sunglasses and shade

glints skipping across the water body

grass and shapes in clouds

Lo, nothing makes sense, but there is beauty


I am over gravity

Beneath the skies

I am underwhelmed



Digging myself into the earth

Up to my knees

up to my thighs

If I plant myself

Will I sprout leaves

Will I fly

But no

Not that

I am on top of the dirt

Walking nowhere

Taking nothing with me

And leaving that behind too