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At the Water Met

I searched among the rocks for secrets

Listened to the waves’ sweet song

Trees dancing along the sandy shore

I watched the wind around them twirl

To the gentle rhythmic water slept

An unacknowledged force within me

The music of the water met

Serene and peaceful spirit

Each time they tried to wake her

I sang her back to sleep

Soothing, hushed, and lullabied

In dreams of mists and veils

Let her sleep. She’s seen enough.

The world is tough and worn.

Let us lie here in the ocean

At the water met

At the water met

She can float away the troubles

Send them out to sea

Let her sleep, please, don’t disturb her rest

They plucked and pleaded

Whined and needed

Poked and prodded

Spoke and nodded

Woke her at the water met

Woke her at the water met

With her waking came the aching

Of a thousand years of pain

Her cry echoed ‘cross the cosmos

To a planet far away

The howl resounded smartly

And the stars shook just the same

Came the answer focused

Sister we do hear you

We are on the way

The earth cracked and up the dragon crept

A pond became a lake

The sky flared in brilliant colors

At the water met

At the water met

The dragons are awakened now

From where their spirits slept

The music cannot hold them now

Upon the wind they’re swept

A reckoning past due

The ancient bargain kept

Where at the water met

Where at the water met

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  2. This is so beautiful and haunting. It brought tears to my eyes through the scene you communicate. Wow. 👏👏

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